Ugadi is not really one of our festivals but since we have been in South India like forever, we have been influenced by the culture to some extent. We make a Special Ugadi Lunch every year to enjoy the festive spirit that surrounds us.

Typically in Karnataka they prepare Vobattu (jaggery rotis), thondekai sabzi, beans, kosumbari / salad, sambar and payasam today. I am unable to make the entire menu but do manage to make a few items here and there to feel like we have celebrated the day.

In the picture above you can see :

  • Drumsticks and Mooli Sambar
  • Tamarind rice
  • Plain steamed rice
  • Garlic papad
  • Cucumber Kosumbari
  • Beans sabzi
  • Rice Payasam

Happy Ugadi to you all !!