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Palak Dal

Having spent most of his life in Hyderabad, my husband got a chance to develop a taste for a variety of dishes from the Andhra cuisine. Palak dal being among his top favorites.

Whenever we visit an Andhra joint he takes a couple of helpings of this dal and by the end of the meal the other items in the thali remain intact while the dal is long gone.

I tried my level best to make palak dal a couple of times but it never really matched up with the one we ate at the Andhra restaurants. One day, while I was going through Indira’s Mahanandi I found the recipe of ‘Palakura~Vellulli Pappu‘ which seemed like the same dal I had been looking for all along.

Today I made this dal for our Sunday lunch and it turned out quiet well. Thanks Indira for providing us with these treasured recipes. Your blog is an inspiration to all cooking enthusiasts.