It was a bright summer day when Mr.Mango Moody asked Ms.Mango Masti if she would like to marry him. Masti was ready but her father Mr.Dusheri did not consent as Moody was a Begampalli and Dusheris were sweeter.

Papa Dusheri said “Why do you want to marry that big, fat Begampalli. He is not as sweet as us Dusheris”. Masti’s eyes welled up and Papa Dusheris was sad.

For months together Moody and Masti tried to convince him. Finally Papa Dusheri consented and the Dusheri-Begampalli families got busy with the wedding preparations. The insane shopping started. Mr.Moody didnt like Ms.Masti’s extravagance. Towards the end of their shopping spree Masti wanted to buy a red, zari saree for the wedding and Moody rejected it as it was exhorbitant. Poor masti accepted his wish and left .

One day before the wedding Moody got Masti a present. Masti could not contain herself. It was the same saree she had left at the saree store the other day! Masti thanked Moody and said she would remember that day forever.

Finally the BIG day came. Lots of little green mangoes danced at their wedding. As you can see in the picture, Masti looks gorgeous and Moody looks so happy. May they live happily ever after.

Please bless the couple. Blessings in cash only. Ohh sorry, presents in blessings only!

This picture is my entry to Mango Mantram, the food art event hosted by Indira of Mahanandi. Thanks for hosting this unique event. It was a welcome change to think beyond recipes.