Click is one of the most awaited events of the month. The round-up presents us with a magnificent array of pictures one can possibly capture in a lense. I loved the idea of clicking pictures based on a color.

Yellow is the brightest of all colors. According to color therapy in the pyschology of colors, yellow stands for serenity. Yellow reflects light in all directions thereby creating an impression of detachment and liberation. It cancels out feelings of heaviness or oppression.

From the time I started mentally creating my snap, my eyes would just hunt for ingredients, fruits, veggies, anything thats yellow. I went shopping yesterday and picked up whatever seemed to looked happy like the sunshine. I realised that shopping was easier than assembling them. I started removing items from the list that didnt quite fit in.

Finally, the picture contains only whatever got together to represent the ups and downs in life. The Sweet lime stands for the happiness in life and the little lime for the bitterness one experiences. The mangoes by the side are a combination of sweet and sour. All in all, the flavors of life!

This one is for you Bri. I’m praying for your speedy recovery.This is my entry to click ‘Yellow for Bri‘ hosted by Jugalbandi.