I gained about 21 kgs during my pregnancy. After my daughter was born the weight-loss anxiety began. I couldnt go on a crash diet as the baby was feeding. My mom told me to start eating broken wheat or dalia instead of rice , especially at night. I totally substituted rice with broken wheat in my diet for about 2 months and lost 7 kgs flat! I also used to walk and exercise but the dalia worked wonders for me. I told a couple of friends about this routine and they also lost weight with this substitution.

I have selected Ranjini’s recipe for dalia upma for the Your recipe rocks event. Her style of preparing the upma is very similar to how my mom makes it except that mom roasts the dalia instead of blanching it. However, the final dish tastes just as good. Thanks Ranjini for sharing your recipe with us.

Dalia is a perfect substitute for rice in any pulao or biryani. It can even be eaten with dal and sabzi. Once its mixed with curries, it tastes exactly like rice. Interestingly the cooking procedure is also the same for dalia and rice. So whats the difference? The calories reduce and the fiber nutrition goes up. Its excellent for digestion as well and can be given to babies over the age of one year.

In this recipe I used ordinary broken wheat as I had a pack at home already. If you go shopping please pick up sprouted broken wheat rawa like Ranjini has used as that is more nutritious.
Thanks to Madhu for hosting this unique event – Your Recipe Rocks. Hope the rice shortage problem will soon be overcome.

Rajani of Vegetarian in Me has given me the Yummy Blog Award. Thanks so much Rajani for thinking my blog to be yummy. I am actually a huge fan of her recipes. Somehow, each recipe she selects seems to be exactly the thing I want to make.

The recipient of this award is expected to do the following :
1) Mention what the award stands for
“This award is given to the blog with most yummy recipes/photos”

2) The recipient should quote their favorite desserts which they have eaten or made themselves

  1. Rasmalai
  2. Creme caramel
  3. Red carrot halwa
  4. Malai Sandwich

Wow! I enjoyed this part but it has made me very hungry!

3) Finally, I should pass this award onto 4 other food bloggers. Well, its very difficult to choose 4 as there are so many blogs I really like. Anyway, here are the recipients of this award :

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Congratulations to all!