Here is an ultimate way to unwind whenever you are bored or even want to create something yummy to entice your kid into eating it.

Vegetable carving goes back to good old days when a boat used to be made out of a cucumber to keep lord Krishna’s idol during Janmashtmi or to the grinning pumpkins that were and still are so popular during Halloween. With changing trends, vegetable carving today has become an art in itself. When you order salads at those fancy places you must have come across some interesting things made out of the fruits and vegetables.

Here is a garden I carved for myself. Gosh! It was very difficult to take a picture right before my baby crashed into it. She couldnt keep herself from eating the cucumber chains I had made for the garden fence.

So next time your child refuses to eat salad this is possibly one option you can try.

Garden Fresh Flowers

In the figure you see :
Tomato basket which contains cauliflower florets, spring onion buds and mint leaves plucked freshly from my garden. To make the cauliflowers edible you need to blanch them in water and season them with oil, salt and pepper. Now these baskets will serve as an attractive salad for a dinner party. (The ones in the picture are raw)

Cucumber fence has been made by peel stripping layers of the outer skin of a cucumber and shelling out the seeds using a mellon baller. Finally, slices have been cut out of this cucumber. A small slit was made on one side of the ring and these rings have been interlocked to form a chain.

Flowers have been made by slicing out petals from the tail end of a radish and a carrot. A tiny piece of tomato has been placed in the middle of the flower. The stem has been made using spring onions. The entire flower is held together by a toothpick.

Watermelon has been made by peel stripping the tail end of a cucumber. The seeds were then removed and a small ball of carrot was placed within. Tiny pieces of tomato were placed around the carrot to make it resemble a watermelon.

The Garden lawn has been made using a cabbage leaf and a few spring onions have been placed by the side for added greenery.

This salad is completely edible ( except for the toothpicks , of course! 🙂 )

And now for something Fishy…

This fish was made in 10 mins flat. I had a radish which was almost in the shape of a fish. I just peeled it and kept a few ribbons aside to make the tail. I used a zester to make the fish scales and put a clove for the eye. Then I used a scissors to make a V-cut at the ends of the ribbons and attached them to the fish with the help of a toothpick. As you can see this fish is a strict vegetarian. Its eating a radish leaf for lunch 🙂

This carving was so easy to make. Next time I throw a party I am sure I can make a few fishes out of carrots and radishes and keep them with the salad. That way I can tell my friends that I have made fish for them and I would love to see the stunned look on their face since they all know that I am a vegetarian.

This is my entry to the Vegetable Carving Event which I’m hosting this month.