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Gulgule can be made for traveling as they last a good one week.

How difficult is it for a foodie like me to fast? Well, earlier it was tough but this year surprisingly I was able to do it well on the occasion of Karwa Chauth.

Karwa Chauth is a festival where married women fast for their husband’s long life. They break their fast after worshiping the moon at night. For the pooja they dress up like brides with mehendi on hands, wedding saree, jewellery and all that glamor.

My fast got over quite fast. I ate fruits and had milk although mostly girls in North do not even drink water. Incidentally, I had a friend show me some interesting recipe books, which I skillfully overlooked least I encourage my hunger pangs. All in all, the vrat (or fast) was no problem at all.

My hubby keeps the fast along with me every year. The first year after marriage I told him not to, well he wouldnt listen. I made wheat vermicelli for breakfast and he went away without eating it. Thats 3 years ago and I still remember it like it was yesterday. Then on, I allowed him to fast with me. Its really nice actually to have company while fasting.

Despite my baby doll’s tantrums I managed to apply Mehendi on my hands a day before Karwa Chauth. It went on till late at night as usual but it feels great once you are done. I used my right hand to apply on my left and I used a stencil to apply on my right hand. Just place the stencil, apply the mehendi and peel off. Easy enough, what to you expect with one left hand after all?

We went to my co-sisters place for pooja. The pooja got over on time but the moon hid behind the clouds, sort of making us realize its importance. After all, once a year we get so desperate to see it. Usually on Karwa Chauth its very cloudy so may be on Karwa Chauth we notice the clouds. This year was by far the toughest I must say. We waited for more than an hour and finally decided to worship the streak of light that we thought was the moon. As soon as we started the pooja the moon peeped out from a completely direction location. We immediately changed our direction and continued the pooja. Finally, it was time to have dinner. The prasad pooris were over even before we entered home.

A Karwa is used to hold water that is offered to the moon

A Karwa is used to hold water that is offered to the moon

There is something about eating dinner after fasting all day. For one, the food tastes very good and the satvic style in which it is made makes it tastier.

The prasad I make every year for Karwa Chauth is poori and Gulgule (sweet wheat flour dumplings). You can find the recipe here.

I would like to send this entry to Srivalli’s JFI Nov, ’08 – Festival Treats. Thanks for accepting my entry to the event, although its a bit different from the main festivals.