Mayank and I met around the turn of the century. The day I met him I never thought I would be spending the rest of my life with him. Thats how life is, unpredictable. We’ve been married for four years today and I cant seem to remember how my life was when he wasnt a part of it.

Every year on our anniversary Mayank makes it a point to take me for dinner to an unknown destination. I am left wondering all day what dress code to follow, what kind of food we’ll be eating and how far this place is from home. As we set off from home I am constantly thinking of where the journey will end. Every time we pass by a restaurant I ask myself  ‘Is this the one?’ and soon we would have moved on. Anyway, I sort of enjoy this suspense, asking him questions whenever possible hoping the cat will be out of the bag!

Over the years having exchanged practically every possible gift, this year I was faced with the same question “What would be the perfect gift? What is it I havent gifted already?” I finally decided on making something myself. Here are the name plates I made for our anniversary. I wanted it to be a surprise so I havent been updating by Twitter page honestly. My husband follows my updates you know 🙂

Gift from Mayank - Poinsettia, Turns lush red in December

Poinsettia is a plant that serves as a gentle reminder. When its leaves turn beautiful red we know another year of marriage has passed.


Blooms from the Family