Jihva for Ingredients  is a monthly food blog event that has become immensely popular over time. This event, started by Indira of Mahanandi, created a meeting point where food bloggers could share their expertise on a regular basis.

Its been an eventful 3 years since JFI has been around and its my priviledge to be hosting it for you this month. It also happens to be the birthday of a special person in my life, my baby doll turns two on 1st March. Its double celebration time for me.

I remember last year around this time I was running a bit late for the birthday preparations and I could not make the lemon tarts I wanted to send for JFI-Lemon. Speedily one year has gone by. We had the birthday celebrations yesterday.  About 50 kids running around and my dear friends helping me make some sense of it all.  Anyway, it was good fun, thankfully baby had completed her afternoon nap and enjoyed herself through the party.

Coming back to the ingredient of the month. Since JFI primarily focusses on Indian Ingredients I thought of picking Wheat, the staple food of Northern India. India is the second largest producer of wheat, first being China. We produce an average of 70 million tonnes of wheat per year! Now thats some serious food for thought. Either we provide that much internationally or we just eat that much 🙂



Rules :

1. Prepare a recipe featuring wheat or wheat based products

You can choose any of wheat’s forms :

  • Wheat grass
  • Wheat grains
  • Coarsely ground wheat
  • Broken wheat
  • Wheat flour

Lets leave its refined version maida out.

2. Post the recipe on your blog by March 31st, 2009  ( sorry to shorten the deadline, I will be on vacation between Apr 1st – Apr 12th, 2009 )

3. Please link your entry back to the event announcement. You can use the logo provided.

4. Old posts can be re-posted and linked back to the event announcement. 

5. Please email – the link to your post and a photo of the entry , 175 pixels in width to romaspace@gmail.com with the  subject “JFI- Wheat


You can find the nutrition value of this Golden Crop at Wheat Foods Council, interestingly Wheat is also used for decoration