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As you might have guessed by the name its a chocolate cake, in taste and appearance its a close cousin of the Deep Dark Chocolate Cake. The main difference being that Black Magic Cake contains a magic potion, coffee.

The procedure of making this cake is fairly simple. Since we dont use any butter there is not much beating, the baking soda and oil does the softening part for you. Only one thing you need to take care of, when you mix hot water to the egg mixture you need to whisk constantly else the eggs could scramble. The hot water combines with the eggs to result in a sticky kind of cake hence you really must wait for the cake to cool off before trying to demold it otherwise the cake could stick to the mold and detach.

I have so far found recipes from Hershey’s website fairly simple and with reliable results. I keep going back for more, I’m sure my doctor wont be very happy with this.

You can find the recipe for Black Magic Cake here.  Indulge!