Ugadi Special Lunch '09

Ugadi Special Lunch '09

Happy Ugadi to you all! Just finished a sumptuous lunch. I am so stuffed and sleepy. Although Ugadi is not a part of the festivals we celebrate we manage to have a feast just to catch up with the festive spirit around us. I saw lots of little girls today wearing their traditional langa-blouse making the environment so colorful. Mayank took half a day off so he could be with us for lunch. Our lunch comprised of :

Radish Sambar, Bhindi Sabzi, tamarind rice, kosumbari, papad, payasam and vobattu.

(vobattu was not made at home. the Hot Chips guy owed me some money from last month,  I settled it today. Rest of the food is home-made guys, I didnt make him work all the way)

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