I’ve received a mind-boggling response for the JFI-Wheat event. A big Thanks to you all for taking out time from your over marked calendars to participate in this event.

Jihva for Ingredients or JFI was started 3 years ago by Indira of Mahanandi. She needs no introduction, she has inspired many bloggers like me to actually start a blog of our own. JFI was primarily started so foodies could share their culinary expertise on a monthly basis. Today it has become one of the most awaited events of the month. Thanks Indira, for providing us with this platform.

Thanks Mayank for automating the Round-up process.  As and when I received the entries I stored it in a specific format and just ran a python application to upload the entries as a batch process.  I will blog about it shortly, so we can all use the application whenever required.

Ok Friends, I am going on a 10 day break! Off to my Grandmother’s house in Dehra Dun. In case I have missed your entry out or made any other mistake please do mail me – romaspace(at)gmail(dot)com. I will fix the issue after the 12th of April, 2009.

I have received a whooping 90 entries for JFI-Wheat!  Thanks to all once again for for making this event a huge success. Presenting to you the Round up for JFI-Wheat April ’09

Biscuits n Gravy by A&N Whole Wheat Focaccia by AJ
Quick Bread by Aparna Cracked Wheat & Mint Salad by Archana
Dill and Dabeli masala Parathas by Asha Oatmeal Wheat Bread by Divya Vikram
Eggless Savory cheese muffins by Cham Chunky Veg and Pasta Soup by Deepika
Cucumber Pepper Idli by Deepika Aloo Paratha by Divya Kudua
Dill Roti by DK Barley Roti by DK
Sweet Potato Roti by DK Oats Roti by DK
Persimmon walnut bread by DK Wholegrain milk and cheese bread by DK
Wholemeal banana walnut muffins by DK wheat berries by DK
Wholemeal Cranberry and Almond Bread by DK Broken wheat bisibela bhath by EC
Eggless Orange Almond Cake by Gopi Shah Godhumai Pradhaman by Jayasree
Whole Wheat Quick bread by Jayasree Satish Creamy wheat berry and honey dessert by Katie Northcutt
Cracked Wheat Kesari by Lakshmi AP Broken wheat with lentils & vegetables by Lakshmi
Wheat halwa by Madhu Cracked-wheat Idlies by Madhu S
Aloo Paratha by Manjusha Broken Wheat Idli by Meera
Atta Mathri by Meeta Madan Paneer Wrap by Nalapaka
CrackedWheat and Rice Khichdi by Pallavi Godhuma Rawa Halwa by Pavani
Cracked wheat upma by Phanita Coriander Paratha by PJ
Wheat rava idli by PJ Wheat-Jowar Salad by prathibha garre
Ukadpendi by Preeti Gavhacha Cheek by Preeti
Kakdi Thalpith by Preeti Nilesh Biniwale Besan N Methi Paratha by Priya Suresh
Soya Flour Paratha by Priya Suresh Beets N Broken Wheat Kheer by Priya Suresh
Ragi N Wheat Coconut Noodles by Priya Suresh Wheat Dosa with Sambar by Priya Sriram
Urad Kachodi by Priyanka Chapathi by Priyanka Srivastava
crispy urad dal paratha by Priyanka Srivastava Lilva Kachori by Purva Desai
Roasted Bell Pepper & Egg Tarts by Raaga Cracked Wheat with Tomato by Rajee
Stuffed Paratha by Renuka Cracked Wheat Pongal by Sangeetha Vasudevan
Vadai Curry & Chapathi by Sanghi Wheat Dosai by Sanghi
http://swap-swapi.blogspot.com/2008/05/khaproili-wheat-flour-jaggary-pancakes.html by Sanika N http://swap-swapi.blogspot.com/2008/12/simple-sultana-muffins.html by Sanika N
http://swap-swapi.blogspot.com/2008/12/atte-ka-sheera-wheatflour-sheera.html by Sanika N http://swap-swapi.blogspot.com/2009/03/methi-poori.html by Sanika N
Dal Greens Wheat Dosa by shama nagarajan Roomali Roti by Shama Nagarajan
Soft Pooris by Shoba Shrinivasan Tortilla Rolls by Shree Rao
Wheat Dosa by Shri Pumpkin Puris by Shubhada
Paneer-Matar Paratha by Sia Vegan Banana Orange Nut Loaf by Soma Rathore
Whole wheat eggless dates cake by SpicesEtc Wheat Naan & Matar Methi by Shree Rao
Wheat Puran Poli by Sukanya Spice Pumpkin Chocolate Bread by Sweatha
Cucumber Wheat Dosa by Trupti Pawar Wheat Dosa by Uma
Eggless Cardamom flavored Banana Oat Wheat bread by Usha Rye Dosai / Crepes by Usha
Pesto Pizza with Oat Wheat Crust by Usha Eggless date Wheat cake by Varuna Sai
Tofu Paratha and Sandwich by Vibaas Potato Parathas with a Healthy Twist by Vibaas
Aloo Paratha by Vidhas Poori Masala by Vidhas
Wheat Veg Mamoos by Vidhas Broken Wheat Pulao by Vidhas
Chickpea Paratha by Vidhas Paneer Paratha by Vidhas
Mix Vegetable paratha by Vidhas Broken Wheat Porridge by Vidhas
Godhumai Ravai Pongal by Vidya Eggless Bottlegourd Chocolate Cake by Madhuram
Chana dal and bulgur sundal by Madhuram Bulgur Upma by Madhuram

Wheat flour laddus by Maya Shanbhag

Wheat Dosa by Pranella