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These last three days have been so action packed. Friday we had our Janmashtmi puja. I managed to fast all day with Mayank. When I woke up in the morning I didnt have an intention to but I thought it will be ok if I ate some fruits and had juice every 2 hrs. I remember last Janmashtmi I over slept in the afternoon and my empty stomach made me pay a price. I was throwing up till the puja actually began. Thankfully this time it was a piece of cake (?) ohh! I mean this time it was relatively simpler. I had a big glass of lassi along with Makhane(Lotus seeds) and groundnuts for lunch. Very filling indeed! We did puja and broke our fast around 9.30 pm ! (the longest time I have ever taken to break my fast)

In the afternoon we had a Rangoli competition in our apartment to kick start the Independence day celebrations. I was there trying to catch all the action as it happens. What can be more delightful than to shoot vibrant colors and artistic patterns. The Ladies of our apartment used a variety of ingredients for their rangoli: salt, grated vegetables, rice flour, rice soaked overnight and ground into a paste. Lots of variety from dry rangoli to liquid alpana from stencil-based ones to edible rangolis 🙂 Well, I had a fine time capturing their concentration thru my lens although I think I distracted them a li’l bit in the process.

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Flickr now has Pictures of the Independence Day Celebrations at my apartment.