Today we had the second meeting of Sharp Shooters – the Photography club of our apartment. The workshop started with Shubhada giving us a presentation on composition of pictures. Coming from the background of an architect she was able to easily explain the importance of colors, shapes, geometrical symmetry, etc; in photography.

  1. She showed us a color chart with the help of which we could appreciate the color combinations that would result in snaps that are pleasing to the eye. Warm colors are like red/yellow/orange and cool colors lie in the yellow/green side of the spectrum. Its necessary to create a balance of these colors to make the end result appealing. White is a safe color for crockery, backdrops,etc; while photographing food.
  2. Shapes of crockery should be intended to break the symmetry of food. Round cookies in round plates, for example dont quite add up. The food needs to be placed at an angle that leads the eye.
  3. Its at times tempting to decorate our food with ornamental or high contrast objects. However, its important to let focus remain on the food and not let the surroundings get too  distracting.

Thanks Shubha, for those useful tips.

After the presentation we had an exercise session where Shubha gave us a fruit juice tetrapack each. She also gave us the corresponding fruit and asked us to take pictures for an Ad campaign. No, wait. This is just for fun, Tropicana has not hired us 😉 So we were asked to shoot pictures of the beverage with an intention of advertising for it. It was my first time at such an assignment and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.


Anu balancing her lemon drink


Hope you feel thirsty enough to buy this drink when you see it next…