Just back from a 10 day vacation at Bombay. Visited my parents-in-law for the navratri week. We had a Garba night at our apartment just before we left for the trip. Here is a snippet. Its a Gujarati number ‘Nadi Kinare’. Actually, I didnt really understand the lyrics but thoroughly enjoyed dancing to it. There is one thing I now know – Just a 3 minute Garba can tire you as much as 15 mins on a tread mill. Its only when I attempt something like this that I realize I’m getting old đŸ™‚

The lighting was poor so the video didnt turn out that great. A big thanks to Anu for patiently choreographing and conducting rehearsals for two weeks.

On 21st Sep we left for Bombay by train. The Pune-Bombay stretch is really awesome!!


Udyaan Express


Lonavala Station

Finally we reached home at Kalyan and witnessed a heavy down pour which lasted nearly 24 hours.

A Train in our garden at Bombay

A Train in our garden at Kalyan

During our stay we had a chance to visit Matheran – a small hill station, near Kalyan. It was about 40 mins by local to a station called Neral. From there a 30 min cab ride up the hill and then another 2 kms by a hand-driven cart. Matheran has a small and pretty reasonably priced market. After Bangalore I find all places reasonable, really! Especially if we are talking about clothes or footwear.

I tried taking a horse to visit the view points but got really scared so we went sight seeing in a hand driven cart again. Its feudal. I really wish they would make provisions for vehicles to drive inside someday. Anyway, the view points were awesome, I specially liked the lake that was flanked on both sides by mountains. There was a bed of yellow flowers on one side with a house. A Lucky chap lives there.

Lake at Matheran

Lake at Matheran

Flanked by Yellow flowers

Flanked by Yellow flowers

Louis Point - Matheran

Louis Point - Matheran

Railway Coloney - Kalyan (Mumbai)

Railway Colony - Kalyan (Mumbai)

We returned from Matheran in about two days just before our festival of Naumi. We had a nice puja and delicious prasad on Naumi – kheer, puri, vada and sweets. Above is the picture I took of the railway quarters near our house (just one evening before we left). I simply love the rustic look they wear.

We took the early morning flight back to Bangalore yesterday. Saw plenty of news channel vans on Mumbai air port covering the Air India Strike that was on. Now we are back home running around doing the usual. This festive season was so action packed and memorable.