It was a usual morning. We didnt realize that people in Bangalore were reading about Mayank’s smsTweet application in the DNA paper today. It was just after lunch that Mayank noticed people mentioning him on Twitter. Thats when we realized that his application smsTweet was featured in the DNA paper. He ran out to get a copy while I eagerly waited. Yes, there it was on Page 7!

smsTweet is an application that Mayank created about 3 months ago. It allows users to sms their twitter messages from their mobile phones to the Twitter website. This application was launched just before Airtel came out with a similar offer. However, to use smsTweet you need not be an Airtel customer. Moreover, the tweets can be sent out at regular sms cost.

Twitter was always meant to be used via the mobile phone. However, in India it started off primarily using internet. Mayank wanted to provide the simple facility of updating Twitter messages directly using a mobile . He got an API from smsgupshup and implemented smsTweet.

The first one month or so there was not much activity on the site. Then a few Tech sites started writing about this application. Thats when news spread quickly. More than 200 people have now registered. A journalist from DNA got in touch with Mayank last week. He wanted to write about the application in the paper. Mayank and I were thrilled at the idea. We eagerly waited all week to see when it would be out. So today is the day. Didnt know that when we woke up 🙂

If you are in India and would like to update your tweets using your cell phone please register at smsTweet.