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Hope you all are enjoying the Chrsitmas holidays so far. My week was really fun filled and hectic. Almost 6 parties this week – some for Christmas, some for birthdays and one wedding too. This much even before the New Year Party plans begin. I managed to bake a couple of cakes at the end of 3 days (in instalments, of course) . I’m rarely ever able to do any icing on cakes. The reason is that I love to eat hot cake. One thats fresh out of the oven. It just melts in your mouth and I dont want to miss that taste for anything. Thats why this time I baked 2 cakes. One for icing and one to gobble down as soon as its done.

Fruit n Nut pastries

We dressed up the Christmas tree on 23rd and got Santa gifts for all kids in the family. My baby kept her little socks by her bedside on 24th eve. I told her to keep big socks so she can get Lots of gifts. She happily agreed and kept her big red sock. She also cleared the dressing table so santa gets enough space to keep her gifts.

Santa left presents for the baby

Santa left presents for the baby

In the morning she had forgotten all about the Santa story. She was amazed to find gifts on her bedside. I was in for a bit of surprise myself. All this time I was thinking that I was Santa but I realized that ‘Santa’ had left a gift for me too ! I was zapped. Have I been a good girl this year ? Who is Santa in my house really? 🙂

Our Little Christmas Tree

Our Little Christmas Tree

Christmas is incomplete without cake. I didnt have any rum to make a traditional plum cake so I decided to make the basic fruit n nut one. I managed to get some marzipan. Honestly, I have only read about marzipan in blogs and books but have never seen it being sold anywhere in Bangalore. This time for the Special Christmas sale I found Nilgiris selling hundred marzipan boxes and chocolate santas in their basement! It was such a treat to the eyes. I immediately bought some and got onto seeing videos on molding marzipan. I also managed to make some caramel roses and used the left over caramel to make praline flakes.

Now for the funny part. While trying to shoot a picture of this cake the wind as usual went against me. The heat was so much that the base of a chocolate Santa kept near the cake started melting. I was trying to wipe the molten chocolate on the paper base when a strong wind blew and threw Santa’s face right into the cake. I was anxious to remove the involuntary facial that Santa had undergone. By the time I wiped his face it started to melt too. Gosh! One of the toughest moment