Life Between the Granite Slabs - View from our pool

Which resort is this you can check into on Sundays? You dont have to go far to find it as it is in the comfort of your own home. Yes, yesterday I got a resort kind of feeling at my house. I wanted to share it with you all the easy steps with which you can check into that mode too :

  1. Ensure you think differently so you dont do anything at any step that you would usually do.

  2. Dont follow any routine.

  3. Take onto the road and see where it leads

  4. Dont bother tidying, cooking or doing anything more than the bare essentials.

I dont know if many people who ‘know me’ actually know that I am a regular follower of Sister Shivani of Brahma Kumaris. I have been listening to her discourses on various religious channels on TV for 4 years now. She has had a dramatic influence on my life in this span.

Last week she said that to experience different results we need to start thinking different thoughts. Same thought always causes the same action and then the same result.



I was basically bored of the mundane job at home. Being a mother of two (out of which one in just a little baby) can be so exhausting. I thought of trying to change the way I do things to see if I can catch on a break very much being at home.

Yesterday being a Sunday was the only day in the week that Mayank (hubby) was actually at home. Now realize how precious that time is as that day comes only once in a whole week. I decided to change my thoughts just to see what the result could be and I was taken aback by the dramatic change in results.

I am a person who loves a planned, predictable lifestyle. As a result, my family can never suddenly decide to do anything interesting at the spur of the moment. Moreover, going anywhere with a baby calls for a lot of packing so now I feel even more that there is no scope for impromptu outings. So here is where I saw a thought change opportunity.

On Sundays usually Mayank makes the breakfast. Yesterday however he said “Lets go out for breakfast”. Looked at me expecting me to go into my usual trace – how will we make baby’s soup, maid is still working, house is untidy, baby bag is not packed….blah….blah….I on the other hand had anyway decided to think differently in every situation so I started packing. Before I knew baby food, hot water flask and baby bag was ready. I gave Raina her milk, got dressed and stepped out in 10 mins. Mayank was surprised. He quickly started googling for good places to eat breakfast. We left the maid working, house untidy and headed off for breakfast. Most places had closed by 10 am for breakfast. Finally we reached Egg Factory on St. Marks Road. This place basically serves all egg varieties like Frittatas, omelets, egg parathas and everything that an egg can fit into. We ordered a Cilantro Chilli Frittata, Salsa Cheddar cheese frittata, a cheese omelet, garlic bread and tea. What a scrumptious breakfast it was.

We reached home by 1pm. The house was untidy as expected but surprisingly I took it well. Mayank and Raina went for a swim while I was baby sitting. They checked in after an hour and then I went for a swim. We all finished our bathing routine by 2.30 pm (when has that ever happened before?) When it was my turn to swim, I was absolutely alone in the pool, which was again happening for the first time. I never go for a swim alone. This was weird. Not even an unknown person in the pool! (Thanks to the odd hour). Since I was doing a whole lot of things for the first time I though ‘Why not?’ I tried floating on my back and was able to stay afloat for 20 s. I have been trying to float on my back for decades now but was never able to do so cause I thought I couldnt. There! A change in thinking made me actually float on my back. I also think it had something to do with being alone in the pool, else I would never seriously try floating on my back with the fear of dashing against someone during my attempt. I have always been able to float on my stomach but on my back and that too for 20 s (I could have gone on longer if I had not started to feel thats its a rather aimless thing to do :-)) I was floating like a leaf on the water and as I opened my eyes I saw the clouds drifting along with me in the sky. I thought to myself – “ Like the way we wives feel that our husbands take their office work too seriously and dont let go even on Sundays, husbands probably feel that we take house work and kids too seriously and dont try to take a break from it at all”  Sleeping on water is so relaxing and allows a free flow of good thoughts. I guess you wont ever need any other kind of hydro-therapy.

So thats how I checked into a resort this Sunday. Not because I went anywhere but because I changed every first thought that came to my mind. The people who enjoyed the most were obviously the kids.

Compromises are made on the diet. For example, if I make baby food in vegetable soup its more nutritious than making it in hot water but if the routine depresses everyone at home and gives them a feeling of being tied down then that also affects health adversely. Once in a way anything is ok. After all happy people do look healthy and live longer too 🙂

Now after having rambled on for so long let me quickly re-cap on what can make you really rejuvenate this Sunday ~

This Sunday with every thought that enters your mind do the opposite of whatever you are thinking. Whatever first thought you have will be a part of a pattern that your mind follows. Changing the first thought by doing exactly the reverse of it can make you experience never before results. So what if I had milk at Adyar Anand bhavan instead of 9 am at home, so what if baby had her soup in the evening instead of afternoon and just ate regular baby food in the morning, so what if the house was so untidy on a Sunday…it did clear up by Monday , right ? I could at least relax and live one day of my life (and let others live one day of theirs too).

Try these tips and you could find yourself on an adventure ride that you never thought you could experience ever since your growing family and multiple responsibilities consumed you.

Just one word of caution : Every day is not a Sunday 🙂