Sister Shivani leaving after the program

It was the biggest AHA moment of my life! I am still spinning under its influence. I want to share this with you….

I am a big fan of Sister Shivani of Brahmakumaris. I have been regularly following her discussions on Aastha and Sanskar channels. Its safe to say that she is the single most influential person I have seen in my life. There are innumerable instances when I was lost or confused in life and its just her advice that came in timely. I listened to her religiously every evening only because she spoke exactly about the same problem I was experiencing at that time. In one of her sessions she went on to say that we feel this way because God is communicating with us through this medium. I believe her completely. How else is it possible that I sit with a problem, turn on the TV and there she is… talking about exactly whats on my mind! Not once but every time!

Yesterday God went one big step forward in making my dreams come true. Sister Shivani was to speak at Town Hall at 6.30 pm. I had asked an auto rickshaw person to pick me up at 6 pm. I also told my husband (Mayank) to reach home by 6 pm so he could watch the kids while I left. Something happened and my mom decided to join me at the last minute. She arrived really early and waited for me in the basement for half an hour. Mayank also arrived early and I left at 5.45pm. I was telling my mom that its too early to go. I couldnt imagine the function starting before 7 pm. I also told her that I was so surprised that the auto guy came 45 minutes early and Mayank also came 15 minutes early. Usually he is unable to leave office around 5. All through I wondered if baby would be too restless without me and if the program would start on time or get delayed.

As soon as we got off the auto at Town Hall I heard my mom scream from behind “ROMA, ROMA ! Sister ! Sister!” I couldnt understand. After all, all of them at Brahmakumaris are Sisters. Suddenly I turned around and there she was! Sister Shivani was standing right there. I couldnt believe my eyes. I have been seeing her on TV for so long yet when she I came face-to-face with her I couldn’t recognize her at first. May be because she is so much brighter and prettier than her TV image.

I went to her immediately and said ” Namaste Sister, I have been watching your program every day for the last 5 years and I am truly blessed to be standing here with you” . She gave me a sweet smile and went inside. This was like the biggest moment of my life! Sister was so beautiful and radiant. Now I know why in olden days they used to make a halo around the heads of saints. Sister radiates love. Her face glows like a power house of energy.

The session she conducted was for 2 hours. It was rejuvenating to meditate for 2-minutes with her. Definitely a more profound experience than watching her on TV. It was an interactive session. Sister really has the skill to put forth her points well. I enjoyed every moment  of the program. At the end of it I shook hands with her like everyone else and went till her car to see her off.

This is one of the best moments of my life and I think that the Universe conspired to make it happen. I recall the way my sister found out about the program and let me know timely that sister Shivani would be in town. How my husband and mom came home really early that day that eventually led to a moment with an incredibly dynamic personality. Its not everyday you see a celebrity next to you, just like that. You expect the person to be surrounded by crowd, flashed with media lights and unavailable to listen to you. Well, all that happened with sister but when I saw her she was by herself and thats what made that moment with her even more special. Om Shanti!