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I have missed the blogging world for the longest time now. After I had my second baby about one and a half years ago I got really busy with baby care. This time around it was more difficult than last time as now I even had the elder one to take care of. However, being a true foodie at heart, whenever I found the time I would continue to bake. I couldn’t share it with you all as with an infant I did not find the time to shoot or blog about whatever I made. I remember when my baby was a month old I ran into the kitchen and baked a yummy cake for myself. I was bored of all the bland, post-natal care food and stuffed my face with big chunks of chocolate cake 🙂

Besides having the baby there is another reason that’s kept me busy. I have been writing a book on Indian Baby Food recipes. What else would I do with all the baby food I have been making? 🙂 I started writing them down when I introduced solids to my first kid. That was when I shared some of those recipes on my blog. Today with another baby and going through the same phase again I thought its a good idea to compile whatever information I have into a book so its helpful to other mothers like me.

I got my information over the last few years from my mother and grandmother. My baby’s pediatrician also helped me understand what ingredients were permitted for my baby at each stage. I put all this information down into an eBook which will soon be available on amazon. (Update: Book published on Amazon on 13th Apr. Do check it out!)

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