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On Friday, late at night around 11.30 pm, I published my eBook on Baby food recipes. The book is hosted by amazon and is available for a short preview on their site.

Writing this book has been a long journey. I started more than 4 years ago when I introduced Raina (older daughter) to solids. The book was set aside only to be taken out 3 years later when I had Trisha. This time I thought I should document the information well and release it so all moms, like me, could benefit from it. (Trisha is definitely more fussy about food than Raina. So I must thank her for making me put on my thinking cap long enough to write a book :-))

It was difficult to work with both kids. I would ‘steal’ time to write notes here and there. I had help from people at home. The help came in bursts so I had to align to their available time and try to work at my best pace. Its been nearly 4 years, working off and on , on this book. I love you all too much to bore you with the details of the journey 🙂

Now all of a sudden, I am so free that it feels weird. Everyday, my hands automatically open the baby food directory. I am habituated to reviewing my book, first thing in the morning. Now that the book is published it feels like my final exam is over and summer holidays have begun. I am enjoying that feeling after ages.

I want to thank all the people who helped me put this book together. Mom, who helped me review the book and even cooked many of the dishes I shot. Mayank, who worked late nights formatting and styling the book. He created a website for the book’s promotion. He has guided me at every step and this book was not possible without him. My help Aravind, who worked religiously for a month helping me cook and shoot the food for the book. Also thanks to Priyank Sharma (my brother-in-law) and Archana Suresh (my friend & neighbor) for reviewing the book and giving me their useful suggestions. There are countless friends who also contributed their ideas for this book. I am so grateful to all. Now I must stop. Its not like I have won the Oscar or anything 🙂

Hope you will pass on the message to all your friends with babies. I will be thrilled to get any feedback on my work.

Happy Holidays!