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Its been Mayank’s dream to own a jazz, for over a year now. I remember the first time we saw the Ad on TV. Mayank jumped out of his seat, ‘Its here!’ I could sense the excitement in his voice but didn’t know back then that he was serious. He wanted one of those cars which don’t fall in the value-for-money category of cars. However, as time passed I realized he had given his heart to the Honda car. While we drove around town on familiar roads, he knew the exact spots where a jazz would be parked. In the midst of a traffic jam he would spot his jazz and feel better. Sometimes I would tease him saying that he would not overtake a jazz out of sheer respect for the car 🙂

A year went by and finally two days ago we actually got the car. The Honda service center guys were at their best. They made it a smooth experience for us. They got us a panditji at the service station to perform the initial poojas and rituals. They even took a snap of us with the car (although I dont think there was a point. If I pose next to the car I dont think anyone is looking at me, anyway :-/)

Raina made a congratulations card for Mayank. She gift wrapped it in a shiny, golden wrapper and presented it in a tray. In her description of the card she said that she wanted it to appear as if dad was sitting in his car in the basement and waving out. She always wanted a red car. Sorry darling, we couldnt get a red one. We settled for a color called urban titanium (metallic gray). I think, Honda guys arent really giving a good choice in colors. I mean- white, black, silver and gray are not even colors 😦 The red was too bright and could give a person eye pain if he looked too long at it. So thats where the choice ends and the winner is Urban Titanium!

Here is wishing Mayank years of happy and safe driving ahead.