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Find more baby food recipes on my Baby Food Site.

Baby Food has always been a confusing subject. Specially since our traditional food is at times so different from what is medically recommended. Moreover, each baby is different and none of them are able to talk about what they really want. That’s what makes this topic a challenging one. Mothers have to just observe their babies while they eat and figure out a way to make nutritious food which is also eaten eventually.

When I announced the event My Baby’s Favourite Food I wanted to know from moms what their kids liked as babies. I am really happy to have received these recipes from blogger friends. I want to thank you all for taking out your time and sharing your recipes with us. I am sure they will provide ideas to moms of li’l babies who might be having a hard time feeding food.

Now for the giveaway, my eBook 60 Great Recipes for your baby, which was announced for 3 lucky winners. Well, it turns out I could not choose 3 people as all the recipes were so good. I will hence be giving a copy of my book to all the participants. You will soon receive a mail with a link to the eBook which is currently being sold on amazon. Hope its useful to you and other moms in your circle.


Pasta in cream and spinach sauce by Anuradha

More than the kids, this dish is dedicated to the mothers….it is simple, easy & won’t take much of your time. 🙂


one pot meal

One pot meal for babies by Archana Vivek

This is a one pot meal for babies and toddlers and can be prepared as per their likes and dislikes. This is also a very nutritious rice with all veggies, rice and dhal in one pot. Kids, they ask for variety. So this is the dish which will make them happy and also make us satisfied. It will also look colorful.

Cheese Dosa by Preethi

My kids generally love dosa, adding cheese to the regular dosa’s makes them to eat faster and quicker . This is their all time favorite foodright from age 1 .


Chickpeas Stir fry by Preethi

This is a healthy and a quick snack for my kids which i make quite often.


Cheesy Macaroni by Supriya

My little toddler loves to eat this particular Macaroni dish. She is very picky with her food I try my level best to convince her to indulge somefood. As she is learning ABCD I picked up this alphabetical macaroni from the store and introduced it to her and the end results were amazing she loved it and wanted to eat more. I have added some veggies and chicken to it. Vegetarians can minus the chicken.



Upma by Supriya Kotyal

Plain Upma—loved and liked by my baby arnav since 1 and 1/2 years old..I share special memories with this…so even though too simple and common…nothing as such special in dish…I deceided to send it to this event…also lovely theme…which revoked my sweet memories…Thanks dear Roma for this….I just tried this recipe on my baby who simply swallows things till now without chewing…upma can be easily swallowed so I think he loves it…Once while I was eating upma…I gave him small bite from my dish and to the surprise he enjoyed it …so decided to make one for him by altering few ingredients…


Pongal by Kalyani

Pongal | Ven Pongal is a rice dish which is made in south india which is prepared with rice and moong dal. Usually this dish can be prepared for breakfast or evening dinners. My elder daughter’s favorite dish in the evenings when she was a baby (almost from 1 year she started liking it). I used to make this dish with less pepper and green chilies and more ghee especially for my daughter.

Rice Porridge by Srivalli

Wholesome Homemade Baby Food made with rice, lentils with vegetables pureed.

Dal Carrot Rice by Srivalli

Dal and rice pressured cooked with cumin powder and carrot, this can be given from 8th month to your babies.
Soy Chunks Curry

Soy Chunks Curry by Sayantani

Soy chunks cooked in a onion-tomato gravy with potatoes.
vermicelli kheer

Vermicelli cheer by Kalyani

Vermicelli Kheer/ Semiya Payasam is yummy, healthy and also delicious payasam which is especially prepared during festivals. Payasam is simple to make and it usually decreases heat in our body when we have fevers and colds (especially good for children).
This payasam is my daughter’s favorite sweet from her childhood. Also my favorite when i was in my childhood.

Pudina Pulao by Roma

My baby doesn’t eat rice very easily. She either wants to have it with dal or just plain. I found pudina rice as a nutritive alternative as it contains a chutney-like paste in which the rice is simmered. I am happy that the baby likes it too.