EK Supermarket is a place close to my house. I visit it every Sunday evening to get the week’s groceries. The management of the store changed in April 2012. In these last 3 months the new management tried to do a promotion by organizing this lucky dip event. I remember joking about the event the last couple of times I went there. 

What does a lucky dip coupon mean to anyone? Usually, to me it feels like something that is supposed to happen sometime and will most probably have no effect on anyone in the vicinity. May be thats why yesterday, 30th June 9 pm I was busy eating dinner at a restaurant in Jayanagar not knowing what was going to happen soon. It was after dinner sometime when we were buying pastries at cakewala when we got a call from EK Super market. That was around the time when I was trying to convince my 5-year old to buy a white forest over a strawberry pastry. The guy on the phone sounded really enthusiastic. He said that I have won the lucky dip and I should come immediately to collect my prize which is a gold coin. I thought it was a prank. Like someone is going to call me at 9.30 in the night and give me a gold coin! I thought someone just saw me filling the coupon out and decided to play a prank on me. I told them that its too late and that I can not come until the next day morning as I was shopping in Jayanagar. Having said that, I happily continued with my pastry watching.

Within a few minutes I got a second call. The guy said that there were many people waiting for me. They had hired a photographer for the occasion and wanted me to reach there ASAP. I didn’t want to spoil the fun and I changed my mind. We dropped the pastries and quickly headed for the store. Just before we reached, we got a third call from the store. I told him I was nearly there.

When I got off the car I saw a crowd. I told them my name and they started clapping. That made my baby so happy. I actually couldn’t believe what was happening. Soon they asked for verification. They called the number that was registered on the coupon and our phone rang. They took us to the office were we had some juice and cookies. They handed over the coin to me and took a few pictures. Thats when it sunk in that I had really won something.

This was a once-in-a-lifetime kind of experience. I have never really won a lucky dip. I actually don’t even believe in them as some of them seem rigged. This was the first time I saw such an event being conducted with utmost honesty. They had called the ACP of Banashankari to draw the lucky dip. I couldn’t meet him as he had left by the time I got there. The shop staff had created a nice atmosphere. I can still see their beaming smiles and their energy bouncing off the walls. Thanks EK Supermarket for a very memorable evening.