We recently installed a Siemen’s dishwasher and I am all high on its presence in my house. I’ve been planning to get one for a long time now but was apprehensive because of the dozen things one hears about it. In India, dish washing is primarily done by ladies who come in to clean the house, usually called maids. I think ‘maid’ is one topic which causes a burst of emotions in every lady I know. Most of us at some point of time have felt jilted, cheated, hurt, etc. due to some maid. Just like in olden days they would say that you need great luck to find a good spouse, in today’s world you need to be very lucky to find a good maid (if at all there is someone like that). That’s why we can change the saying to “maid for each other”.

You remember that day when you had guests over and she never showed up? Or that day when you had to go out somewhere and she came in late? What about all those days when she took off on a festival, leaving you with the festive preparations and the house cleaning to do? Oh, don’t even get me started with my stories. I have waited for days at a stretch with that longing look in my eyes, for maids to show up. They havent. Sometimes they took off for as many as 5 days without prior notice. They always had a good reason.

I have gained a new degree of freedom today. I have liberated myself from an important job they do. A dishwasher will help me keep the dishes clean, leaving me with only the floor sweeping to be done whenever the maid bunks. Today was one such day. There was a pile of dirty utensils. The maid called in to say she can’t come and I was delighted. I was anyway going to try out the new dishwasher for the first time today. I loaded the rinse-aid liquid, detergent and salt. I said a prayer and started the machine.

An hour or so later I was unsure of what was going on. After all it was the first time I had loaded the machine, that too all by myself. I didn’t even know how to arrange the dishes. I saw the display. It said ‘0 secs’. I nervously opened the door of the machine and a cloud of hot air was released on my face. Along with dishes it cleans your face too 🙂

I was pleasantly surprised to see the sterilized utensils. They were crystal clear and I was excited at the very thought of eating in warm, clean plates.

For all those of you who are wondering if a dishwasher is a good deal, whether the effort in loading/unloading is too much, does it actually work on greasy Indian Kadais? stay tuned for my next post on this subject.