Here is a commonly available, seemingly harmless bottle used to store water. I have noticed its popularity in my friends and family circle. It has a dispenser made of thin plastic which can become quite brittle over time. This is one point I failed to notice when I bought it.

Yesterday was one such day when I learnt this the hard way. It was around 2 pm. Post-lunch, I reached out for my water bottle and drank some water out of it (directly) and LO! The next thing I know, I have a sharp plastic piece wedged in my throat. For a second, I didnt know how far down it had gone. I tried to bring it out but in vain.

Soon the piercing pain increased, I knew I was in trouble. I quickly got my husband on the phone and managed to tell him what was happening. I heard him yelling “Get out of the house and try to get some help immediately”. I was too busy trying to vomit by tickling my throat but without much luck. Both my girls panicked. The older one ran and got me a glass of water which I was unable to drink.

Finally, some relief came my way when the plastic piece went down. I wiped my tears that were produced as a result of anxiety. What do I see next? Both my girls are sitting in front of the pooja room and praying for me. They are such dolls 🙂

I tried to vomit once again by drinking plenty of salt water but that attempt failed too. I decided to forget about the piece. I was feeling much better anyway except for the rash that the piece created in my throat on its way down.

I remembered later, that the night before, my 3-year-old had accidentally knocked the water bottle off the dressing table. I walked in, kept the bottle back on the dressing table and wiped the floor clean. This is around the time when the plastic bit would have chipped off and settled at the bottom of the bottle.

I dread to think about what might have happened to my daughter who has been taking a similar bottle to school for 2 months now. Kids drop their water bottles all the time and I dont think I can always keep guard. As a result, my bottles (even the un-chipped ones) have found their way to the dry waste can. To think of it, while buying bottles I only used to check if they were leak-proof !