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I have always wondered what it is with Ads. How hard people try to sell stuff in their crunched few seconds of time. There are some of these ads which I really look out for, just so I can laugh without any reason. The madness has caught on with my kids, who also join the fun when our favorite ads are on air.

For instance, there is this kitchen Gel ad which has been on for a few months now. A guy washes the dishes to surprise his wife. She walks in, examines the job and says that he should have used a different kitchen gel for better results. To prove this, she points an unknown device at the kitchen sink and Lo! Germs are on display!! What is this device anyway? I have noticed it being pointed at people, their teeth, floors of homes, kitchen sinks and just about anything, for an immediate display of some wriggly worm-like things which disappear on a swipe of the product. Coming back to the Ad, the wife is wearing a white coat indicating that she is a doctor (that is true in case of all Ads, the person in a white coat is a doctor unless stated otherwise). She advises her husband on what to use next time he washes dishes so that the wriggly worms on her device could disappear.

In a real world scenario I see it going very differently in my head. Guy washes the dishes to surprise his wife, wife says he should have used a different gel and then there is two minutes of awkward silence. The guy either explodes or implodes. I cant think of any other way this story ends. In our Ad, however, this guy is very happy with the feedback. He smiles back at her appearing to make a mental note of the advice. What an imaginary world we live in.

If this Ad seems funny, you havent heard the last of it. Months ago I was watching an ad of a tea which apparently makes you go slim over a period of time. Whether it actually does or not is debatable. I want to only discuss the Ad which left me in splits. There is this lady who is complaining to the camera about her husband who has started having an affair with his secretary. This apparently happened after she put on weight. Now she has lost so much weight and has got her husband back, thanks to this tea! I stared at the television in disbelief. Just when you think it cant get any worse, it does! The camera pans and now her husband is in the frame. He gives her a sleazy smile and says “You have started looking just like a size-zero Kareen Kapoor. What is it that you have been doing ?” This girl is so excited with the attention she is getting. She blushes and smiles back at the pervert.

I dont remember how it ended because by then I had rolled off the sofa, laughing of course. Let me guess the audience reaction that was expected. The moment we see this ad we will realize how easy it is to have a solid marriage. We will then rush to the market and pick up bags of this tea, which we will secretly drink, to score over our husbands female colleagues. Once we have had sufficient cups of this baby, our husbands will be with us forever 🙂 Score!