[Please note : This is not a paid review. The views in this post are completely my own.]

I always love to receive packages from the unknown. More often than not, it’s my husband shopping online. This time the package was heavy and seemed from someone else. I wondered what it was. As I signed the receipt note I noticed a line at the end of the carton which said – “Aam panna, Kala khatta, jal jeera, aam ras” That’s when I remembered that a few weeks ago I had consented to sample some paperboat beverages and provide my review. It was a delight to receive these refreshing juices bottled in paper-like bottles. Here is my review :

1) Jal Jeera : This one was an absolute hit! I loved the combination of black salt and cumin seeds. The proportions were perfect. Just right for a sunny day. It gets a thumbs up from me.

2) Aam ras : I found it too sweet but my kids loved it. It tastes exactly like the other mango beverages that are popular among kids today. It will be great for birthday parties, I guess.

3) Jamun Kala Khatta : My kids didn’t like it much but I did. Mostly because I like things that are tangy. The consistency and color of the drink was very different from the usual drinks I have seen. Its purple and slightly thick.

4) Aam panna : Very tangy and tastes best when chilled. I found it tangier than kala khatta and it had a thinner consistency too. I liked the raw mango flavor which was really refreshing.

Thanks paper boat for chilling my summer days. I also liked the eco-friendly orange jute bag in which the beverages were packed. I would definitely head to the grocery store near my house for some more jal jeera and aam panna.