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I ended up baking an eggless chocolate cake again. It’s hard not to, given that it’s the only dish my girls finish to the last bit with no persuasion. This time the cake was from Kanan’s site. Her cake seemed to have this perfect texture. This recipe is similar to another eggless cake I usually bake but I wanted to try this one for a change. I am very happy with the results. I only added a pinch of salt to the batter from my side. Otherwise the entire recipe is the same as mentioned on the blog “Spice up the Curry“. Thanks Kanan for sharing a good chocolate cake recipe in detail. The last time I tried baking a chocolate cake it just sat down! I tried going over the possible reasons for this. I started with checking the expiry date of the soda used and there the mystery was solved. The supermarket near my house has a technique of using as less space as possible. This, they achieve by punching the packets and pressing the air out. While it was ok with grams, lentils and other grains it defeated the purpose of using soda which was meant to act as a leavening agent. I went back and spoke to them. They said that the packets were not punched and mine might have had a small slit somewhere. I showed them the marks and also told them that all the packets have it. I remember seeing them punch rice packets just the previous week. We left it at that. Finally today when I went back to shop again I was happy to see that the soda packets had been replaced with air tight ones. All is well that ends well 🙂