It’s been more than a year since I blogged. I have been busy updating a new skill set. One that will help me provide my life with a new direction. I completed my certification course in counselling skills. This counselling is for emotional difficulties. Alongside, I did a Transactional Analysis 1-0-1 certification and am currently doing a foundation course in Transactional Analysis. All this and much more, lies in my list of to-do things.

I have had an eventful journey in the emotional realm so far. I guess with life keeping me so busy I never really got a chance to stop and think. After much introspection I managed to understand myself and my patterns better. However, this is just the first step in my journey. There‘s a long way to go. As long as life is there it’s “work in progress”.

Self-work taught me a few important things. As long as I try to find solutions to my problems outside I am going to be disappointed inside. It taught me that its important for me to take care of myself in order to be available fully to others. Old events in life don’t just go away like that. Forgiving and moving on is a process. I plan to start blogging on the various topics that I gained more insight on through the journey of becoming a counsellor. I am happy to be back to the Blogosphere.
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