Dear Readers,

This site has been created primarily to share the information I had been writing in my diary since childhood. Currently it contains mostly recipes but going forward it will include other topics like Home remedies, Baby care, Good parenting, etc;

It would make me very happy to receive inputs from all of you as well. If you have recipes or any other information that you would like to share with the rest of us please post them in. 

Happy Reading!


Bangalore, India

Contact me : romaspace(at)gmail(dot)com

21 thoughts on “About”

  1. I like your new website 🙂 I’m gonna try out the spicy ones one-by-one!!!

  2. The recipes are so simple,you make it sound so simple. I hope making it is as easy as it seems ..

    I love this website and will keep looking and put my comments on each recipe when I try them

  3. ssriranjini said:

    Your recipes are too good. I have been visiting at your website everyday for new posts.
    You can visit my website at http://ssriranjini.wordpress.com/

  4. Hi Roma,

    I love this website. It got a gorgeous collection of authentic indian dishes. It would bring out a mystic journey towards the unexplored areas of our taste buds.

    Wow “I am so happy”

  5. Do u have local kerala “kallu Shaapp” curries expertise?

  6. Roma,
    Great to see you on a roll here – love the photos that go with the recipes. Soon the two girls will be getting to sample some of your recipes at home. The lovely wife of course prefers to come over to your place to try them out. Keep at it!

  7. romaspace said:

    Dear All,

    Thanks so much for your encouragement! Thats what keeps the blog ticking.

    Sorry Denny, I don’t know what ‘Kallu Shaapp’ is. I am not familiar with local kerala cuisine. In case you find it out please do post it here so we can all learn.


  8. Wow Roma! This is awesome, a treasure trove of recipes. How have you been? Drop me a line sometime

  9. Well Compiled and the recipes(including pictures) are so mouth-watering 🙂

  10. Dear Roma, I really like your sections…quite innovative. This section is helpful since right eating habits at a young age can take kids and parents a long way with each other :).

  11. romaspace said:

    Thanks so much for the valuable feedback and encouragement.

  12. priyaskitchen said:

    hi roma..could you leave your mail id in my blog..i have so far got only one response..You :)…lets try and plan this out.. lets try and rope in more people…happy cooking…

  13. Hi,
    This is Vijay here, I still didnt receive your mail but got your blog details from priyank. Seems interesting great work I will let my sister and other home based friends of mine about this.


  14. Hey Roma,

    This is Vidya…Vijay’s sister…awesome website…going thru ur site….awesome work….will try something soon and post in my comments….


  15. romaspace said:

    Hi Vidya,

    Welcome to my world of recipes! Glad you liked the site. Do post your comments and suggestions to help me improve.


  16. Joel A. Rivera said:

    Pls. send me step by step instruction how to make swan garnish in a pond.

  17. Dear Joel,

    You need to make 2 small slits at right angles on the apple and slide out the small piece. You then need to make similar slits but this time bigger. On doing making these slits multiple times you get the wings of the bird. The head needs to be carved with care and needs to attached to the body with a toothpick. Check out JZ’s post:

    You can contact her for details on how she made it.
    Thanks for dropping by,

  18. Hi Roma, I came across your website when I was looking for the host of JFI April 09. I enjoyed going through your blog. I do have a few good recipes that use wheat flour. Hope to participate in the next JFI event.

    My food blog URL is: http://mitholimdo.wordpress.com

    All the best,

  19. First time here. Have bookmarked the site. Will let you know as and when I have tried out the recipes here.

  20. I want to know who is the Distributor of your books…

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