Roma Sharma

Author | Coach | Trainer

Roma Sharma is a Certified Coach and Trainer who has been working in the field of emotional well being since 2014. She is the founder of a training company which authors programs to specifically address the needs of people in an organization. She has worked with companies in the  IT Industry, Educational Institutions, Counseling Academies as well as the Hospitality Industry.

She works with organizations to design programs that specifically address their needs. She also conducts individual coaching sessions for clients who want to work on themselves.

She has a keen interest in understanding human behavior and connecting with people at a deeper level. Besides training and coaching, she runs a meetup group in her city that meets regularly to discuss various topics related to emotional health.

Roma likes to take up issues that her audience members experience in their day-to-day life and provide them with clarity so that they devise their own solutions. She works with them to ensure that the solutions they arrive at are simple and practical to apply. She has had the privilege of watching her clients become very successful in achieving the kind of transformation that they set out to achieve.



Diploma in Counselling Skills, person-centred therapy

International Certification in Transactional Analysis 101

Foundation course in Transactional Analysis

Master practitioner of NLP (ABNLP), NLP Trainer

Advanced Diploma in Hypnosis (Business-NLP, UK)

I grew up with 16 cats!

I love playing with cats

When I get some downtime I like to bake cakes, watch movies and play with cats. I also enjoy reading and dancing, both of which I find very therapeutic.