Chocolate Truffle Cups



I have always loved the idea of edible chocolate cups. They are easy to prepare and look cute as well. I am sure this concept was invented by some chocoholic, like me, who thought it unnecessary to use any other material to make cups. So how would you like chocolate cream in truffle cups garnished with grated chocolate? Now, thats a lot of chocolate for one bite 🙂 Continue reading

Rich Chocolate Cake


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I ended up baking an eggless chocolate cake again. It’s hard not to, given that it’s the only dish my girls finish to the last bit with no persuasion. This time the cake was from Kanan’s site. Her cake seemed to have this perfect texture. This recipe is similar to another eggless cake I usually bake but I wanted to try this one for a change. I am very happy with the results. I only added a pinch of salt to the batter from my side. Otherwise the entire recipe is the same as mentioned on the blog “Spice up the Curry“. Thanks Kanan for sharing a good chocolate cake recipe in detail. Continue reading

Double Chocolate Cake


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Even looking at this cake can make you put on weight! Its too sinful and chocolatey so I would definitely recommend weight watchers to close this page immediately 🙂

Now for those of you who don’t mind indulging, get ready for this ooey gooey double chocolate cake. It’s loaded with all the unwanted calories and delicious non-nutritional stuff you want to dig into, once in a way. I am sure you can see the pattern between me and chocolates. Yes, I love them and ever since I started trying to shed weight I have been eyeing these beauties from a distance. However, I like to be nice to myself and bake myself my monthly allowance of chocolate in as sinful a way as possible. Continue reading

Eggless chocolate cake


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It has been a 4-day-long ordeal. Struggling with my older one’s repeat attacks of viral fever. It’s hard to keep sick kids occupied at home, specially since otherwise their schedules are so hectic. Finally, yesterday she was a little better and that’s when I decided to bake this chocolate cake to keep her engaged in her favorite activity…baking. Continue reading

Milk Powder Cake


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I have been visiting the Brahmakumari center near my house everyday for the last 5 months. The sisters at the center are powerful enough to uplift anyone’s personality and bring out the qualities latent within. Sister Shilpa has been a person I could easily connect with. I will need to write another blog post to describe her influence on my life.  Continue reading

Paperboat Beverages



[Please note : This is not a paid review. The views in this post are completely my own.]

I always love to receive packages from the unknown. More often than not, it’s my husband shopping online. This time the package was heavy and seemed from someone else. I wondered what it was. As I signed the receipt note I noticed a line at the end of the carton which said – “Aam panna, Kala khatta, jal jeera, aam ras” That’s when I remembered that a few weeks ago I had consented to sample some paperboat beverages and provide my review. It was a delight to receive these refreshing juices bottled in paper-like bottles. Here is my review :

Continue reading

Pancharatni Dal


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pancharatni Dal

This dish, made from different kinds of lentils, has become an absolute hit at my place. More so, with my guests who try to guess which dal they are eating. Actually, it’s a little hard to guess when there are so many different types of them in there, cooked slowly till they release their flavors. The reason why I like this dish is that it is a welcome change from the stereo-type rajma/ chole gravies we prepare on special occasions. Its also comparatively nutritious and gives a unique, creamy taste. Continue reading

Sweet & Tangy Ribbon Salad




Here is a salad that was created on the run. I once saw a recipe show in which I really liked the way the chef was quickly carving out ribbons out of cucumber and radish. It’s basically the same way you use a peeler to remove the outer peel. Just that in this case you continue to peel even after the cover is gone, resulting in ribbon-like strands of the vegetable. The salad finally has an interesting body. It looks like spaghetti or some kind of seaweed. On close observation, however, you can discover what it really is. Continue reading

Its a Mad Ad world – I


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I have always wondered what it is with Ads. How hard people try to sell stuff in their crunched few seconds of time. There are some of these ads which I really look out for, just so I can laugh without any reason. The madness has caught on with my kids, who also join the fun when our favorite ads are on air.

For instance, there is this kitchen Gel ad which has been on for a few months now. A guy washes the dishes to surprise his wife. She walks in, examines the job and says that he should have used a different kitchen gel for better results. To prove this, she points an unknown device at the kitchen sink and Lo! Germs are on display!! What is this device anyway? I have noticed it being pointed at people, their teeth, floors of homes, kitchen sinks and just about anything, for an immediate display of some wriggly worm-like things which disappear on a swipe of the product. Coming back to the Ad, the wife is wearing a white coat indicating that she is a doctor (that is true in case of all Ads, the person in a white coat is a doctor unless stated otherwise). She advises her husband on what to use next time he washes dishes so that the wriggly worms on her device could disappear. Continue reading

Kalakand Cake – a Post Diwali treat


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After Diwali I am almost always left with some sweets chilling in my fridge. Post the sugar over-dose that happens during festivities almost no one touches sweets in my house. I dont feel like throwing them away either so this time I decided to convert my kalakand mithai (milk fudge) into cake. This recipe has been concocted on the run. You might want to increase the number of kalakand pieces as per your taste. I like a little less sweet in anything so I used only 3-4 pieces. Also, I did not add any sugar to the cake batter as we are anyway adding sweets to it. The cake turned out mildly sweet, quite spongy and held itself well together. I guess you could use other milk sweets too, just that you will eventually get the same flavor in the cake as in the sweet. Continue reading