A Conversational Read on how to stop caring about what others think

If you like precise information with real-life examples on how to stop caring about what people think , then you will love Roma Sharma’s series starter. 

Stop Worrying

7 Best ways to stop worrying about what people think. Discover ways to be yourself authentically & unapologetically.

Design Your Image

Simple ways to create a great image for yourself on auto-pilot. The less you try to create it the easier it becomes to get.

Discover Hidden Reasons

The counter intuitive reason why people try to control or manipulate you. Find ways to break free from their opinions.

Client testimonials

A word from my clients

Every session of hers I have attended is a masterpiece wherein there are some valuable takeaways. Happy to be associated with her.

Ashwin R,
IT Professional

Roma is an excellent trainer. There were many positive takeaways from her program.

Rachana Shetty,
Reiki Healer

Roma is an amazing trainer. So calm and energetic at the same time. 


From My Blog

Here are some of my Blog Posts. Happy Reading!

Most people think that the will to survive is the strongest instinct in human beings, but it isn’t. The strongest instinct is to keep things familiar. -Virginia Satir, Family Therapist
I sometimes wonder what is required for lasting change. Consider the number of self-help messages, books, videos and seminars that bombard our social network. These positive messages show up on a daily basis. It feels good to read for a while but shortly after, the effect is gone.
The first thing I learnt as a student of counselling is that feelings are real. Somehow, I seem to have missed a simple point like that all along. Like everyone else, I always thought that there was a certain way I should feel and another way I shouldn’t.
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Roma Sharma

I am an Author, Certified Coach and Trainer. I have been working in the field of emotional well being since 2014. I am the founder of a training company which authors programs to specifically address the coaching needs of people in an organization.


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