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A word from my clients

Every session of hers I have attended is a masterpiece wherein there are some valuable takeaways. Happy to be associated with her.

Ashwin R,
IT Professional

Roma is an excellent trainer. There were many positive takeaways from her program.

Rachana Shetty,
Reiki Healer

Roma is an amazing trainer. So calm and energetic at the same time. 


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I once met a young man who had difficulty holding a conversation with a woman. He wanted to get into a relationship, but whenever his type of lady walked into the room, he didn’t have the courage to initiate a conversation. If she spoke to him first, he got cold feet and excused himself. Needless to say, this wasn’t getting him anywhere.
We often believe that if we don’t say how we are feeling, people will not know. Invariably, people catch our energy and feel the same way about us. The world of the unspoken is mysterious indeed. Ironically, it is far more accurate than the spoken world.
People stop trusting you when you hurt them. If they believe you did so consciously and intentionally, then even more so. If they think you are a person who breaks their promises, doesn’t live up to commitments, manipulates them or speaks about them to others, they are skeptical about you.
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Roma Sharma

I am an Author, Certified Coach and Trainer. I have been working in the field of emotional well being since 2014. My coaching sessions help my clients overcome their mental roadblocks and achieve their biggest goals. My books, articles, and online courses have been well-received by a worldwide audience.


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