If you aren’t feeling good right now and want to change it—remember, you are just one thought away from it.

I receive some skepticism when I say this. “Okay, I agree. If I am not feeling good thinking a certain thought, I can always pick a better thought and feel better instantly. But what about the problem? Doesn’t that have to be dealt with, too?”

If you think that choosing better thoughts is one way to avoid dealing with the underlying issues, it isn’t. You can’t change a difficult situation into an easy one by repeatedly thinking about it.

If you ponder long enough on a dissatisfactory thought, it won’t change into a satisfactory one.

However, if you consciously choose happy thoughts, you can change your feelings. When your feelings become better, you can return to the presenting problem in a better frame of mind. You will now be in a far better position to deal with it.

Decide to let go of a thought that hurts and replace it with one that heals. Whatever happened was good. It helped you realize what you want and don’t want in life. It served its purpose.

So, what will you choose to think today?



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