Kalakand Cake – a Post Diwali treat


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After Diwali I am almost always left with some sweets chilling in my fridge. Post the sugar over-dose that happens during festivities almost no one touches sweets in my house. I dont feel like throwing them away either so this time I decided to convert my kalakand mithai (milk fudge) into cake. This recipe has been concocted on the run. You might want to increase the number of kalakand pieces as per your taste. I like a little less sweet in anything so I used only 3-4 pieces. Also, I did not add any sugar to the cake batter as we are anyway adding sweets to it. The cake turned out mildly sweet, quite spongy and held itself well together. I guess you could use other milk sweets too, just that you will eventually get the same flavor in the cake as in the sweet. Continue reading

When hunger strikes – my doodle recipe


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Here is the sandwich I invariably make when I face mid-night hunger pangs. Since I usually have boiled potatoes and paneer in my fridge this dish is easy to whisk. Moreover it is a filling, no-cook dish.

If you dont have paneer in your fridge you can add processed cheese although paneer is a healthier option. Mayonnaise adds the much required moisture to the otherwise dry sandwich.


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Beware! I nearly choked on this



Here is a commonly available, seemingly harmless bottle used to store water. I have noticed its popularity in my friends and family circle. It has a dispenser made of thin plastic which can become quite brittle over time. This is one point I failed to notice when I bought it.

Yesterday was one such day when I learnt this the hard way. It was around 2 pm. Post-lunch, I reached out for my water bottle and drank some water out of it (directly) and LO! The next thing I know, I have a sharp plastic piece wedged in my throat. For a second, I didnt know how far down it had gone. I tried to bring it out but in vain. Continue reading

Apple Sauce


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(Excerpt from the book 60 Great Baby Food Recipes available on flipkart. A collection of 60 handpicked, Indian Baby food recipes for the age group of 6-24 months.)

Apple sauce or Applesauce is a puree made of apples. It contains pectin which tends to make stools firm. Hence it’s effective in reducing loose motions. Apple once chopped starts turning brown in contact with air. To delay browning you can soak the pieces in some water (actually, lime water is more effective but we don’t want to make the apples sour for the baby). Continue reading

60 great Baby Food Recipes – paperback edition is out!


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It was a fight to the finish but we’ve done it! The paperback edition of the book “60 great baby food recipes” is ready. The first set of copies arrived on Saturday right when my little one was cutting her 3rd birthday cake. It was a delight to open the package and pick one of these out. It was like a dream come true.

I actually want to write a blog post on how to print a book. I tried to get involved in the process at every step. It was an excellent learning experience for me and I enjoyed every bit of it.

To tell you a little bit about the book, it contains 60 nutritious Indian recipes for a baby between the age of 6 – 24 months. The recipes are categorized based on the baby’s age and are perfect for a mother who is introducing solids to her baby or struggling with a fussy eater. All recipes have been reviewed by a pediatrician and a nutritionist to ensure accuracy in the information provided. Please pass on this message to your friends with little babies. If you have gone past that stage, you can consider gifting it to the mother of a newly born.

No dream can materialize without a committed team. A big thanks to my husband, my mom, the graphic designers and technicians at the printer’s office for working overtime to help me achieve the goal I had set for myself. Also, thanks to blogger friends like Srivalli and Ruth DSouza who have helped me reach out to people and spread awareness on the book.

The book is now available on flipkart. Please pass on the message to moms with babies in the age group of 6-24 months.

Simple ways to fight the pigeon menace


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Pigeons are like big, flying rats. Thats what I read about about them somewhere and couldn’t agree more. I have always wondered why in pest control we limit ourselves to getting rid of rats, ants, cockroaches, mites, bugs, etc. What about pigeons?? Aren’t they equivalent to any other pests that bother us? Do we realize that they are equally capable of spreading diseases? Their faeces is known to contain bacteria and fungus which could cause lung infection and fatal fungal diseases. Pigeon droppings are dangerous. Cleaning it is also another big job that leaves us frustrated. Firstly, no house help will agree to do it and even if she does she will charge you an extra fee for it. You feel the helplessness as you fight the pigeons and lose – every single time.

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Banana Almond Cake


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Its Mayank’s birthday today. I baked him this eggless banana almond cake and had a little cake cutting ceremony with the girls this morning. Its funny how the way we celebrate birthdays changes as we grow old. Mayank was not interested in doing anything special. He was telling Raina that old people dont celebrate birthdays. Raina asked cutely, “Who is old, papa?” ” Continue reading

Banana Oats Cake


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There is so much happening around me I need to find my feet. The summer holidays are almost over. It hit me just yesterday that my time of keeping my younger daughter at home, like a little baby, is actually over. She starts school tomorrow. In just a few more days both of my daughters will be away at school. It took me years of juggling both of them to get there. I am finally rewarded with a few hours in the mornings which I can use for shopping, cooking and other necessary jobs. It’s going to be easier to buy groceries, vegetables, visit the tailor, clean my wardrobes, etc. After this   spree I can be more available to them when they return. Continue reading

The man who knows my past




I first heard about the Naadi Shastra Pandits from my mother. She said that they are  Tamilian astrologers who have migrated to different parts of India. They read your life story from palm leaves that are nearly 2000 years old! That was a bit too much for me to believe. How could someone have written about me that long ago? I decided to pay them a visit the next time I went to my home town, Dehra Dun.

This summer the day finally arrived. I spent the first two weeks of April at my Grandparent’s home in Dehra Dun. After recovering from the hectic journey I took an appointment with the Naadi Shastra astrolgers. Continue reading

Bitter Coffee Cake


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Ok, ok my sweet tooth is getting the better of me. I’ve started baking yummy things to  flatter my taste buds all the time. I can skillfully find an excuse to whisk up something sinful. I should try to keep my hands tied when I’m ‘free’ (when is that, anyway?). Guess how long it took me to mix the batter for this cake? Continue reading