Marketing messages follow us wherever we go. We switch on the television and see advertisements with people who look like models (because they are). We are told how we can be better and have more. This subconsciously gives us the message: we aren’t enough! We aren’t good enough, smart enough, rich enough, etc.

Having too much information about others isn’t helpful. It results in constant comparison and disappointment with what is causing us to indulge in unrealistic expectations. Marketers benefit when you feel like you need to do something before you are good enough. That way you will buy their products. Social media paints pictures of the glamorous lifestyle of others. This creates lop-sided, unrealistic expectations from life.

No one will tell you how great it is to have all that you do: the people who love you, the space you live in, and the body that supports you. You don’t need to do anything to be special. You are already a unique being and special in your own way.

Detect the contrary messages that media is bombarding you with and discard them. They aren’t for you. Honor what is ordinary about your life. That is what is extraordinary—what will keep you happy every single day.


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