We often believe that if we don’t say how we are feeling, people will not know. Invariably, people catch our energy and feel the same way about us. The world of the unspoken is mysterious indeed. Ironically, it is far more accurate than the spoken world. 

Suppose I say to someone that I think highly of them but don’t really think that way, the feeling will get conveyed. How you feel about others eventually becomes how they feel about you. The vice versa is also true because our thoughts travel to people.

While trying to influence people, it is helpful to understand the concept of mirror neurons, especially if you are feeling stuck trying. Whatever you want the other person to feel, if you start to feel it yourself, it will get transferred to them. This happens at an unconscious level. You might have observed this in your relationships. Let’s say you were talking to somebody and they seemed empathetic to your needs. Suddenly, you felt the same for them. Your mirror neurons help you ‘catch’ their feeling states and adopt them as your own.

If you are trying to break a poor communication pattern between yourself and someone else, apply this concept to your advantage and change the dynamics of the relationship. Watch my video on mirror neurons to learn more.


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